Create results through action with CFC

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Connie L. Bias
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
Most people have a philanthropic soft spot, a surge of concern for a particular topic, problem, group of people, etc.

Mine is for people suffering in third-world or warring countries. Children who are impoverished from birth with little hope of opportunity ... Single mothers in war-torn countries with no hope for change ... Refugees with no home. Throughout my childhood, my parents sponsored two poverty-stricken girls - one my age, and one my sister's age. This allowed both my sister and me to grow up with another "sister" who could share with us a different culture, another view of life, and a better understanding of how fortunate we were (and still are!) As the years passed, I watched my "sister" receive an education against all odds, help her family meet their basic needs, and even become the first in her family to attend technical school. Along with gaining a long-distance friend, I also entered adulthood with a particular empathy for those born into poverty and want without the means or freedom to raise their own status or chances.

Your compassion may flow toward abandoned animals or cancer victims. Perhaps you're especially concerned for people battling alcoholism or drug dependency, for pregnant teenagers or for orphans. Homeless families, injured veterans, hungry children ... The list is endless, and personal reasons for gravitating toward a particular issue can be just as varied.

Feeling such benevolence is a healthy sign of moral consciousness and a positive step toward helping those in need. But the hard truth is, those who "feel bad" for a hurting population and do nothing simply waste their time feeling in the first place. In other words, without action, feelings are useless. Whether the action be volunteer time, monetary donation, or simply a kind word or prayer, it must be present to create a result.

Now is the time to take that action. If you're willing to share your wealth and help someone with your money, you can do it now through the Combined Federal Campaign, which runs at Fairchild Oct. 1 - Nov. 13. The CFC makes it easy for you to donate to the group and issue you choose, with thousands of recipient charities available and a guarantee that all of your donated money, whether it's a lot or a little, a one-time donation or a monthly donation, will go exactly where you choose.

It's a perfect opportunity to help that person you've always wished you could help, to be an active solution to any welfare problem with which you're concerned. It's the perfect time to turn thought into action.