On Labor Day, remember our Airmen work hard to defend freedom

  • Published
  • By Gen. Arthur J. Lichte
  • Air Mobility Command commander
As I visit with people at bases throughout Air Mobility Command and our operations across the globe, one thing I always admire is the strong spirit of our Airmen and civilians who keep the mobility mission moving day in and day out.

We have an extremely important mission in AMC, supporting our Nation at home and abroad while operating in harm's way and providing humanitarian relief. This equates to more than 900 sorties flown each day by aircrews on mobility aircraft and the great ground support that enables the air mobility mission. In order to achieve these incredible accomplishments, it takes the extraordinary efforts of our people including active duty, Reserve, and guard Airmen as well as civilians employees. We simply would not be successful without each and every one of you - it's a Total Force team effort.

Labor Day recognizes the contribution workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and wellbeing of our great country. It's true of our Airmen, civilians, and their families as well. The success of the world's best Air Force is carried on by their dedication and hard work -- I am extremely honored to serve with you.

This Labor Day Weekend, we'll celebrate some well deserved time off to enjoy with family and friends. However, I don't want you to forget the importance of keeping safety as your top priority.

Whether it's during the Critical Days of Summer or any other time throughout the year, we must ensure safety is at the forefront of our decision-making process, both on and off duty. Please use operational risk management for all your activities. Calculating the risk and weighing your options is the safest way to complete whatever you are doing. Please don't forget the importance of reminding each other to wear seatbelts, follow checklists and do other important things to stay safe.

The Lichte family would like to thank you and your family for your service and sacrifice. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend - you've earned it. However, don't forget to make safety your number one priority, every day, both on and off duty. Also take time this Labor Day to remember those who are deployed around the world protecting our freedom. Your enthusiasm, spirit, hard work and dedication make me proud to be the Commander of Air Mobility Command!