101 Critical Days Of Summer 2010

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  • 92d Wing Safety
The 101 Critical Days of Summer (CDS) period runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, traditionally the period when mishap rates soar. No one is immune from summer mishaps--not you and not me! During the 101 CDS, people will participate in a wide variety of activities both on and off-duty. As a result, a greater sense of safety awareness is needed due to the increased risk associated with many of the summer activities we plan to enjoy. Sometimes people feel compelled to "tempt fate" by taking unnecessary risks and thereby increasing their mishap potential. This is something we all must avoid. Last year, there were 22 off-duty fatalities across the Air Force during the summer of 2009, up from 17 the previous year. Over half of the fatalities involved Private Motor Vehicle (PMV) accidents. Since the beginning of FY10 (1 Oct 09), there have been 27 off-duty fatalities AF-wide--13 of them being PMV mishaps. What is truly tragic is that following two simple and proven rules could have prevented many of these fatalities; ALWAYS buckle up and NEVER drink and drive.

The summer months are a time to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities with family and friends. Swimming, hiking, boating - all fun things, but each has inherent dangers
How do we minimize the dangers? Each one of us must take the time to assess the risks involved in whatever we do, whether on- or off-duty. Risk management is a philosophy that applies to all activities. Involve your family and co-workers. You'll be amazed at the positive results risk management can have in your life. Make it your personal standard to accept no unnecessary risk. The corollary to this rule is "only take the necessary risk." There are risks associated with every activity, but we need to control/manage those we don't absolutely have to accept. The intent is not to be risk-averse, but risk-wise in all our activities.

The excitement or adrenaline rush of risk-taking sports and activities is a heady experience and often leads us to take further risks to feed these sensations. Know your limits; use your safety equipment, exercise risk management, and call "knock it off" before you exceed your limits.

Avoid complacency. Complacency is defined as "a state of reduced attention or vigilance due to an attitude of over-confidence or under-motivation" Complacency results in potential danger in any activity. Regardless of how many times you have done something, review your plans and procedures. Maintain focus on the task you are performing or the game you are playing. Letting your mind wander off could cause you to miss that vital step.

By taking a few moments to plan, you and your family can have a pleasant, relaxing summer; and most importantly, avoid the heartbreak of a needless mishap. Enjoy all the summer season has to offer with family and friends and take that well deserved break, but above all, return safe and sound. Help us and you get through the 101 Critical Days of Summer. Think Safety - Live Safety.