We are all Airman

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Christopher Attrill
  • 92nd Operations Group
I am an American Airman. This is the beginning of our Airmen's creed. Many of us do not take the time to think about the significance behind that statement. This is the message we should all understand and absorb and truly become one team.

We are all Airmen. That is our collective identity. No matter what our occupational specialty, we are all part of the US. Air Force. We have the responsibility to conduct prompt and sustained combat operations in the air, space and cyberspace. In short, we put iron in the air, either directly or indirectly. It makes no difference whether you are a security forces member or an aircraft maintainer. We all bring the unique and indispensable capabilities of air power to the fight.

"Airman Up" would be a good way to state it. Every Airman needs to be "all in" for all aspects of our lifestyle. Make no mistake this is a way of life. Our core values are a great starting point.

Integrity First: Or as I put it, if you are not trustworthy and have no honor you cannot get the job done. Do the right thing even when no-one is looking. Stop looking for kudos.
Service before self: It is never saying "that's not my job." It is doing whatever it takes to get the job done. I like to say that my job as a first sergeant is to ensure all the SNCO's, NCO's and Airmen have whatever they need to do their job.

Excellence in all we do: Good enough just isn't. We must strive to do the job right the first time and to hold others accountable for doing the job right as well.

None of these core values are functional in nature. They apply to everything we do as Airmen from bay orderly duty, clearing sidewalks of snow and training a security forces augmentee for the next event. We need to get past functional stove piping that has evolved and become a type of shield from common Airman tasks. Nobody is exempt. No one is more important or special than anyone else. All of us are directly responsible for putting effective sorties on target, on time. Just like gears in a watch, every cog is important for it to correctly display the time. It doesn't matter that you are a financial specialist or a paralegal. Without each member of the team the jet does not launch.

We serve at a time when our budget is tight in both terms of actual dollars and people. We are above our mandated end strength; so, there will be no additional people coming our way and the mission will not slow down. Some of our Aircraft are more than 50 years old (or older) and require much more frequent and in depth maintenance for every hour flown. Team Fairchild is currently operating from three locations while meeting any worldwide challenge thrown our way.

The Airman's Creed puts it so simply; I am an American Airman, wingman, leader and warrior. I will never leave an Airman behind. I will never falter. And, I will not fail. I hope we all understand we are all that--Airman.