Child Abuse Awareness Month

  • Published
  • By Ruth Sunde, Family Advocacy Outreach Manager
  • 92nd Medical Group

During the month of April, you’ll see blue pinwheels gracing the lawns of the Fairchild Chapel and the 92nd Medical Group. Their placement, and the similar placement of millions of pinwheels around the United States, is in recognition of Child Abuse Awareness Month. 

April has been designated as Child Abuse Awareness Month for 35 years, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the pinwheel became the national symbol of child abuse prevention. By nature, the pinwheel in action not only catches the eye of both children and adults, but more importantly, it represents the whimsical and carefree childhood every child deserves.

Like a pinwheel needs wind to move, children need love, nurturing and guidance to flourish. Research indicates children need a loving and supportive environment for a healthy childhood; children raised in such environments have a better chance of academic and financial success, and tend to grow into productive, contributing members of society as adults. 

There are several ways to help fight against child abuse. To find out what you can do, pick up a list of family-friendly activities at the 92nd Family Advocacy Office, the Child Development Center or the Balfour Beatty Community Center.

For more information about these and other child abuse prevention activities, contact the Family Advocacy Office at (509) 247-2687.