Domestic violence reporting procedures updated

  • Published
  • By Ruth Sunde
  • Family Advocacy Outreach Manager
The Department of Defense is committed to ensuring victims of domestic abuse are protected, treated with dignity and respect and provided support, advocacy, and care. The DOD policy also strongly supports effective command awareness as well as law enforcement and criminal justice activities that will maximize accountability and prosecution of perpetrators of domestic violence. However, a requirement that all domestic abuse incidents be reported can represent a barrier for victims hoping to gain access to medical and victim advocacy services without command or law enforcement involvement.

In order to address these competing interests, adult victims of domestic abuse have two reporting options: unrestricted reporting and restricted reporting. Victims of domestic abuse who want to pursue an official investigation should use current reporting channels, i.e., change of command, Family Advocacy Program or law enforcement. Victim advocacy and FAP clinical services will be offered at that time.

Restricted reporting allows an adult domestic abuse victim to disclose the details of his/her abuse to specifically identified individuals and receive treatment and services without notification to command or law enforcement. Victims of domestic abuse who desire restricted reporting under this policy must report the abuse to either a victim advocate or healthcare provider.

For more information, contact FAP at (509) 247-2687 or the Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate at (509) 247-3148.