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Low prices meet their match at AAFES

FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. -- The Army & Air Force Exchange Service's "We'll Match It!" initiative has been updated to allow authorized shoppers to compare prices between the exchange and "warehouse clubs." 

"Previously, AAFES didn't match 'warehouse clubs' as their shelf prices are offset by required membership fees," said the Fairchild Base Exchange's general manager, Bernard Stock. "Military families made it clear that while they understood the BX does not charge fees, they still considered it to be the original 'members only' club. Honoring 'warehouse club' prices is just another example of AAFES adapting to meet the expectations of those it serves."

It is only through proactive surveying and review that AAFES can ensure its prices are routinely lower than the competition. But even with consistent monitoring, today's competitive retail landscape requires AAFES to rely on its price matching program to guarantee that, in the event the BX doesn't have the lowest price, authorized customers always receive the best price.

"We'll Match It!" works in two ways. Shoppers who see a price differential of less than $10 can tell the cashier, who will match it on the spot. Customers who report a price difference of greater than $10 need to bring a current local competitor's ad to receive the reduced price.

In either "We'll Match It" scenario the merchandise being compared must be identical.

"AAFES is committed to having low prices," said Mr. Stock. "'We'll Match It!' is simply a last line of defense in our desire to be the military shopper's first choice. After AAFES conducts national surveys and our associates compare local prices, military families at Fairchild have this price matching mechanism to make sure no one missed anything."

"We'll Match It!" promotes AAFES as a price leader with a pledge that its operations will match competitors' current local price on any identical stock assortment. AAFES also offers a 30-day price guarantee on any item originally purchased from the BX and subsequently sold at a lower price by AAFES, or another local competitor (excluding unauthorized dealers.)

Since AAFES has a dual mission to provide quality merchandise and services at competitively low prices and generate earnings to supplement Morale Welfare and Recreation programs, there are exceptions to the "We'll Match It!" program. Except for the Exchange Catalog and aafes.com, the BX cannot accept challenges from any catalog or website. Other exclusions include special offers or promotions, free-with-purchase offers, limited quantity offers, bundled promotions, special financing, "gimmick" promotions, special order automotive parts, gasoline, automotive labor/service, double and triple coupons, clearance items, flat percentage off items and vending items.

The "We'll Match It!" policy applies to all AAFES retail stores at Fairchild.

Complete details concerning the price matching program are available online at aafes.com or by calling the BX at 244-2832.
(Information courtesy Fairchild AAFES)