AMC leadership team visits Fairchild

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Lawrence Sena
  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
Gen. Maryanne Miller, Air Mobility Command commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Terrence Greene, AMC command chief, visited Team Fairchild March 27-28 to meet with Airmen about the important roles they play in critical missions, force development and innovation.

Miller and Greene’s visit offered additional exposure to the variety of missions and challenges Fairchild Airmen face every day to successfully complete the mission.

“Airmen are the heart of the squadron and key to mission effectiveness,” Miller said. “Fairchild is an amazing wing with an amazing mission; being able to connect with the Airmen and see their enthusiasm and commitment to the Rapid Global Mobility mission is incredible.”

A key message during Miller and Greene’s visit was the importance of adopting an innovative mindset and creating a culture that empowers Airmen to experiment and present solutions to problems.

“Innovation is the fuel behind outpacing and outmaneuvering our adversaries,” Miller said. “We need to be able to look at a problem, analyze it and find different possibilities to solve it. Our ability to solve problems becomes stagnant without an innovative mindset.”

“New generations of Airmen coming in have incredible ideas and are able to see things differently than we could ever imagine; we have to create an environment for their ideas to be able to blossom and grow,” Greene added.

Miller held a wing all-call to address the AMC mission and vision and hear directly from Airmen.

“When our leadership takes time to not only visit, but provide detailed insight to what AMC is actively working on, projected goals, as well as taking time to answer questions, it shows a significant level of care and restores motivation throughout the squadrons,” said Senior Airman Brianna Walston, 92nd Security Forces Squadron patrolman.

Team Fairchild continues to foster the creativity and care of its Airmen, promoting innovation in order to successfully complete the mission of sustaining Rapid Global Mobility as the nation’s premier air refueling team.

Miller also emphasized the importance of developing and preparing Airmen at all levels to be able to face current and future challenges.

“Each Airman brings a special gift with them, and every Airman has the responsibility to pull each other aside and bring out that gift their Wingmen possess,” Miller said. “The sooner we do that, the better our Air Force is going to be.”