Government Shutdown; ways it affects Fairchild

  • Published
  • By Col. J. Scot Heathman
  • 92 Air Refueling Wing
Many of you are aware we are now living through the reality of another government shutdown. But know this, we will still be ready to provide our nation with one of the greatest capabilities our Air Force provides, aerial refueling. Until we receive an agreement from Congress, we will continue to perform another very important and critical function ... taking care of each other. Stay informed and keep your leadership aware of your questions and especially if you need help. We will get through this together.

Please read Gen. David L Goldfein’s, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force, message below.

As you know, funding for the federal government lapsed forcing a shutdown. As we await an agreement in Congress, we have no choice but to comply with the law and conduct only those operations authorized for national security, health and safety.

Military on active duty will continue to report for duty. Unfortunately, the shutdown requires furlough of most of our civilian teammates. This is not reflection of how important all our wingmen are to the team. We simply have no choice under the law.

We are concerned about the effects of the government shutdown on all affected by this action. I need leaders at all levels to talk directly to your folks to ensure they have all the information, support and access to resources. Some useful resources may be Military OneSource, Air Force Aid Society, or American Red Cross.

We all need to be good wingmen for each other. Despite this unfortunate situation, we still have a responsibility to protect our nation. That is a duty in which we will never fail.

Thanks to all our Airmen--military and civilian--for your continued service and professionalism during this uncertain and challenging time. If you need more information on the shutdown and what that means for you, go to

Here’s a quick rundown on some of Fairchild's services and places that will be open and closed due to the government shutdown. We are still working to clarify a few of them, but want to best manage expectations so you can better prepare. Please continue to keep your leadership and supervisors informed of your needs and we’ll do our absolute best to support you.

CDC - Open
Youth Center - Open
Teen Center - Open
Youth Sports - Closed

Military Personnel - Open
Civilian Personnel - Closed
NAF HRO - Open
Manpower - Open

Lodging - Open
Warrior/Ross MEFF - Open
Fitness Center - Open
Skybox - Open
Final Point - Open

- Military Family Life Counselors - Open
- Key Spouse Training - Closed
- Relocation Assistance - Closed
- School Liaison Officer - Closed
- Exceptional Family Member Counseling - Closed
- Emergencies/Air Force Aid Society loans - Open
- SGLI Benefits Counseling - Closed

- Education Services (TA) Counseling - Closed
- WAPS testing - Open
- Upgrade Training - Open
- Airmen Leadership School - Open
- Career Assistance Advisor - Open


Commissary - Open until 7pm on Wed, 24 Jan. No new items are being ordered so shelves will not be re-stocked
BX - Open
Starbucks: Open
Class Six - Open

No Impact

We are seeking clarification on the following so these are not a final decisions yet, but under worst-case conditions:

- ITT - Closed
- ODR - Open, but Trips Cancelled
- Arts and Crafts - Closed
- Auto Hobby - Closed
- Aquatics - Closed

- Library - Closed