A week in history August 20 - 26

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  • 92nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
Aug. 21, 1953

Following the end of Korean hostilities, 92nd Bombardment Wing Airmen participated in a three day exercise that marked the first time B-36 Peacemakers flew directly from the mainland to Japan and the first time a B-36 unit mass deployed to the “Far East.” This operation, named “Operation Big Stick,” was ordered by Strategic Air Command to test their emergency war plan and the long range capabilities of the B-36. Operation Big Stick was significant in many ways. This operation began what would soon be a heavy bomber presence in this area. Notably, this was the first time that SAC, the nation's long-range striking force, rotated a B-36 wing to the Pacific Theater for an extended period of time for operational training. The timing of the exercise also helped to reinforce the Korean armistice of July by demonstrating the U.S. determination to try every means possible to keep peace in the Far East, a true demonstration of Global Reach and Global Power.