Military Family Housing

Housing Mission is to provide customer service to the incoming/outgoing military members assigned to Fairchild

New arrivals are provided with listings of rentals/sales off base

Applications for Military Family Housing are received and military members are placed on waiting lists according to their family size

Housing Waiting Lists for JRNCO, SRNCO, Company Grade, Field Grade and Senior Officers are updated each week.

Information is provided to each member as to the availability of houses, waiting times, floor plans, local phone numbers of assistance available on base and in Spokane.
- Housing personnel prepares AF Form 594 and notifies FSO of member's    
  housing status to start, stop or change Basic Allowance for Housing.
- Approve FH retention if authority is delegated to the Housing Flight Chief.
- Recommend approval or disapproval of Hardship requests and forward to   
  the Installation Commander for approval.
- Expedite orders for drayage and storage of household goods.
- Provide new occupants with the housing brochure.
- Monitor and advertise of community housing rentals or for sale property.
- Brief members of their responsibility for: routine maintenance, grounds care,
  minor repair and housekeeping of quarters.
- Inform residents of their responsibilities for loss and damage to FH unit
  including any abuse or negligence by the member, dependents, guests and
  pet damage.

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday - 07:30 a.m - 3:30 p.m.

Point of Contact/Phone Number/e-mail address: Housing Office / 509 247-2341