141st Air Refueling Wing

Since its creation in 1924, the 141st Air Refueling Wing trained, equipped and deployed dedicated Citizen Airmen in response to national crises and state emergencies.

The 141st Air Refueling Wing is a component of the Military Department of the State of Washington. The Military Department reports directly to Gov. Chris Gregoire. Military authority rests with The Adjutant General of the State of Washington, Major General Timothy Lowenberg.

In its federal role, the 141st provides worldwide air refueling to U.S. and allied aircraft, counterdrug surveillance and interdiction, and combat support across the spectrum of conflict. Members of the unit have been activated and deployed under partial mobilization authority for duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Crews and aircraft are currently on alert in support of Homeland Defense.

In its state role, the 141st mobilizes under the authority of the governor of Washington to protect life and property during state emergencies and natural disasters.

The unit, which is manned by more than 1,000 total authorized personnel, work in conjunction with the 92nd Air Refueling Wing highlighting Total Force Integration between active duty and the National Guard wings. Its previous federal activations include active duty in WWII; activation and deployment to the United Kingdom during the Korean War; to Egypt and Saudi Arabia for the Persian Gulf War; to Budapest for the Kosovo conflict; and to a variety of locations for Operation Enduring Freedom. Crews and aircraft have been on alert for Operation Nobel Eagle since Sept. 11, 2001.

Total Full Time: 320
Total Traditional: 761
Total Assigned: 1088
Total Authorized: 1083

Unit Federal Activations
WW II: Wholly reassigned to Active Duty
Korean War: Activated and deployed to RAF Shepherd's Grove, UK, for air defense
Persian Gulf: Activated and deployed to Cairo, Egypt and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Kosovo: Activated and deployed to Budapest, Hungary
Operation Enduring Freedom: Activated and deployed to a variety of locations
Operation Noble Eagle: Crews and aircraft on alert since Sep 11, 2001

Recent Inspections
SIOP ORI (Nov 02) - Outstanding
UCI (Nov 02) -- Excellent
ORI (Sep 05) -- Excellent