Congratulations, Fairchild promotees

5/31/2007 - FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. -- The following Fairchild servicemembers will be promoted in June.

Promotions to Airman
Tee Tee Soul, 66th Training Squadron
Kevin Steele, 66th TRS

Promotions to Airman 1st Class
Matthew Enter, 92nd Maintenance Squadron
Heather Halili, 92nd MXS
Delvon Hall, 92nd Services Squadron
Candice Harnes, 92nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Theolamar Hina, 92nd SVS
Joseph Mast, 92nd MXS
Branden Nikkari, 92nd AMXS

Promotions to Senior Airman
Antonio Aguilar, 92nd Civil Engineer Squadron
Andrew Casey, 36th Rescue Flight
Timothy Eno, 92nd Medical Operations Squadron
Sarah Foster, 92nd Communications Squadron
Christian Fountain, 22nd Training Squadron
Aaron George, 92nd CS
Estiven Gonzales, 22nd TRS
Tanya Jones, 92nd MXS
Tracy Pomeroy, 92nd MDOS
Hailie Risdal, 92nd Air Refueling Squadron
Benjamin Salisbury, 92nd ARS
Lindsey Sitarz, 92nd Aeromedical Dental Squadron
Meredith Sookbang, 92nd CS
Elizabeth Tice, 92nd ADS

Promotion to Staff Sergeant
Gilbert Madril, 92nd Maintenance Operations Squadron

Promotions to Technical Sergeant
Paul Eakins, 92nd AMXS
Jeffery Kimball, 92nd CES
LaCashana Knight, 336th Training Support Squadron
Jeff Tamietti, 92nd CS

Promotions to Master Sergeant
Dawn Altmaier, 92nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
Jeremy Clay, 92nd CES
Ryan Taylor, 92nd MXS

Promotions to Senior Master Sergeant
Joseph Sachleben, 92nd CES
William Selby, 92nd MXS

Promotions to 1st Lieutenant
Tommy Chung, 92nd CS
Laura Hansen, 92nd Security Forces Squadron
Tristan Hinderliter, 92nd Air Refueling Wing
Mark Perrault, 92nd Contracting Squadron
Matthew Woerth, 92nd ARS

Promotions to Captain
Tyler Berge, 93rd ARS
Adam Kornitzer, 93rd ARS

Promotion to Major
Tracy Patterson, 92nd Operations Support Squadron

Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel
Alicia Tschirhart, 92nd MDOS

Promotion to Colonel
Patrick Murray, 92nd ADS