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Col. Ryan Samuelson stands with his family for a photo  following his final flight as the 92nd Air Refueling Wing commander on May 14th, 2018. Samuelson is departing after two years as the 92nd ARW commander. Farewell to Team Fairchild
As I bid you farewell I reminisce on the dedication and innovation I witnessed these past two years. It was truly astounding. Thank you for the heart and soul you give your Air Force and your nation. Service to a greater good than yourself is what makes military service and support so unique in our society. I have been extremely lucky to have served with such patriots.
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Mrs. Dawn Altmaier What Makes Me… Me
Recently someone asked me what my job was. I replied with my usual, “I’m Fairchild’s Installation Resiliency Specialist, better known as the Community Support Coordinator or CSC.” Typically people say “Oh” and leave it there. This time, the person had a follow-up question. “What makes you a specialist on resiliency?” After five years of doing this job, I was not prepared for this question. I fuddled through explaining my training and talked about how much I loved my job. But that question haunted me the rest of that day and a month later I still find myself mulling over it.
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(U.S. Air Force Courtesy Photo/Captain Tanya Wren) Letter From a Survivor
This is a detailed first-hand account about surviving sexual assault and a call-to-action for a better culture that encourages sexual-assault survivors to come forward.
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A pinwheel twirls in the wind on the chapel lawn during a pinwheel ceremony in honor of Child Abuse Awareness Month at Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington, April 9, 2018. Airmen placed  pinwheels at the base chapel to honor Child Abuse Awareness Month. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Ryan Lackey) Child Abuse Awareness Month
During the month of April, you’ll see blue pinwheels gracing the lawns of the Fairchild Chapel and the 92nd Medical Group. Their placement, and the similar placement of millions of pinwheels around the United States, is in recognition of Child Abuse Awareness Month.
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This year’s flu season has been dominated by Influenza A, subtype H3N2, a particularly nasty strain that is linked to more severe illnesses, especially among adults over the age of 65 and children younger than the age of 5. Flu shots are available at the 92nd Medical Group. The current vaccine protects against four strains of flu viruses, two strains of Influenza A and two strains of Influenza B. Protect yourself and your family by getting vaccinated as soon as possible. (Courtesy Photo) It’s not too late to vaccinate
This year’s flu season has been dominated by Influenza A subtype H3N2, a particularly nasty strain that is linked to more severe illnesses, especially among adults over the age of 65 and children younger than the age of 5.
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(U.S. Air Force photo illustration/Airman 1st Class Jesenia Landaverde) February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
There are a number of websites that can refresh your memory, as parents, about the teenage experience and help you start and sustain a conversation about healthy relationships and the cautions of an unhealthy relationship. Helpful websites for both teens and parents include and Local resources include the Young Women’s Christian Association Crisis Line at (509) 326-2255 or the Washington Coalition Against Domestic Violence at 1-800-562-6025. Agencies such as the Fairchild Family Advocacy Office can assist with ideas and resources to help make the presentation to your teen easier. For more information, call Family Advocacy at (509) 247-2787 for resources and ideas on how to start the discussion.
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Drugs ruin career Drugs will ruin your career
It’s a Friday night, the base exercise is over, and you go to a party with your friends and co-workers in Airway Heights. Sometime in the night one of your friends comes up and asks you to smoke some marijuana. They tell you it is legal in Washington State, so you cave to peer pressure and take a few hits. Fast forward to Monday morning and you are selected for a random urinalysis and you test positive. You thought it was ok. Now your career is in jeopardy.
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Domestic Violence Take action: Change the cycle of violence
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. For some, the month will pass with little consideration to the issue of family violence and the impact it has on all of us.
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Default Air Force Logo Summer Safety: Mosquito-borne diseases
With summer in full swing in the Inland Northwest, more people are heading out to explore and enjoying the great outdoors. These warmer months and longer days not only bring fun in the sun, but set up a great environment for the breeding of nasty pests such as mosquitoes.
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(Courtesy Photo) U.S. Air Force Eagle Eyes Program
In today’s world climate, the threat of spontaneous attacks is at an all-time high. Terror organizations like ISIL, Al-Qa’ida, PKK, and even lone wolf parties such as Timothy McVeigh or Dylan Roof have been carrying out attacks all over the world at an alarming pace. Some attacks are in the name of religion, race or political biases. When watching a story on the news about an attack hundreds of miles away, it’s easy to forget that these events can happen anywhere, even federal military installations. In fact, our very own home here at Fairchild Air Force Base was victim to an active shooter in 1994.
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