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Dependents and retirees can now renew ID online

renewal application

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FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. -- Active duty dependents and retirees are now able to renew their identification cards online as of March 2018.

This process doesn't work for common access card renewals, so active duty members will still need to go into the Military Personnel Section to update their cards.

“This new system is important because it will help eliminate the long wait times for customers in the identification card section,” said 2nd Lt. Joseph Applewhite, 92nd Force Support Squadron readiness officer in charge.

Fairchild Air Force Base is one of 10 bases worldwide that is supporting this new service. This system enables users to fill out their renewal application online, submit it and then pick up their new ID card at the MPS. It is an Air Force program, however, military dependents and retirees affiliated with any branch can apply for an ID card renewal at participating bases.

“This new process is important and helpful to the Military Personnel Flight because it allows us to better serve our dependent and retiree community,” said 1st Lt. Kristen Pearman, 92nd FSS MPF commander. “All of the paperwork can be processed before the person has to come into the office; if we need additional information, this process can save the customer from having to make multiple trips.”

The active duty community can benefit from this new process because there will be fewer customers in the waiting room. Not only does this enable the MPF to serve the active duty population more quickly, it also allows them to return to their work sections to complete the mission, Pearman said.

Even if the active duty member is deployed, family members can still apply to get a new ID card.

“Now that they don’t have to physically be here to apply for a new ID card, this has opened up a whole new realm of opportunities for families,” Applewhite said.

Individuals applying will need to contact the MPS to receive the required documents, then submit them to the 92nd FSS MPS at Fairchild.custom@us.af.mil.

“We can process more cards using this new approach because it’s more efficient,” Applewhite said. “Members will no longer need to spend upwards of two hours or more waiting on renewal for their spouses and children.”

Once the application is approved, the card will be created. Within seven business days, the card will be ready for pick-up and the customer will receive an e-mail notification from a Customer Support Office representative. They must bring the original two supporting identifications they used to create their ID card with them when they pick up their new card.

For more information, contact the MPS at (509) 247-9292.