LIFT Speaking Theme:

"Vulnerability and Perseverance:
The Unspoken Foundation of Personal Leadership"

Unfortunately, leaders today are socialized to appear strong and composed even when they are fully immersed in the midst of chaos. There are millions of books available today that share ideas on how to be a leader and millions more on how to be successful. It is difficult to find materials that support leaders when they make mistakes, that teach how to recover from tragedy, or to persist when there is no definitive answer. Support and connections are essential for surviving difficult times as a leader, and connections with others are  dependent on vulnerability. Kitara's presentation will provide examples of removing our masks, sharing true experiences with the people we trust and asking for help. Leaders often compound their personal grief and trauma, unconsciously stalling their unique ability to move forward by beating themselves up. Significant research shows that self-compassion is critical for resilience. Through her personal leadership story, Kitara will share how to turn tragedy into trajectory and how to turn your past mistakes into stepping stones to success.