LIFT Speaking Theme:

"Peer Coaching and Continuous Feedback"

Honest, candid, constructive feedback is incredibly important for job performance but you don't get enough opportunities for useful feedback. Your best chance at getting good, continuous feedback that will actually help you get better is to leverage your peers. Peer coaching is a great way to get feedback, put it to use, and improve performance with the ongoing support you need to succeed.

Dr. Liz Cavallaro is an educator and professional coach who earned her doctorate from The George Washington University. She contributes to Navy-wide efforts to operationalize Navy Leader Development, builds Navy leader self-awareness through executive coaching and assessment instruments, conducts research, and teaches elective courses in the leadership and ethics area of study. Her research interests include a range of topics, such as employee well-being, eudaimonia, adult development, and meaningful work.

Cavallaro is also a Certified Professional Coach, a member of the International Coach Federation, and has had numerous contributions to several research papers to include; “Learning Approaches of Entrepreneurs: Fostering Innovation and Creativity in Organizations”, Learning within and across Cultures: Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the New Age of Organizing”, and “Navy Leader Development through the lens of Eudaimonic Well-being”.