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AFSO 21 and IDEA

The goals of the Air Force Smart Operations 21 Continuous Process Improvement program include transferring proven effective tools for sustainable cultural and technical transformation to enhance mission objectives of increased velocity and precision. The tools in this section are intended to complement on-site training and process improvement initiatives conducted by AFSO 21 points of contact.

If you have questions or comments about the tools or tutorials, or would like further training or assistance with process improvements, please contact Maj. Stephen Walmsley, 92nd Air Refueling Wing AFSO 21 chief, or Bill Long, 92nd ARW AFSO 21 mainstream representative.

The Innovative Development through Employee Awareness Program encourages innovative, creative thinking by both military and Department of Defense civilian personnel. The program is designed to recognize and reward individuals whose suggestions improve the efficiency, economy, and effectiveness of Air Force, Department of Defense, and federal government operations. Submitters of an approved idea can be rewarded with a monetary or non-monetary award.

Monetary awards are calculated on first year savings only and can be as high as $10,000. Ideas are submitted and evaluated through the IDEA Program Data System, which is a web based application designed to provide Air Force users 24/7 access from any military desk-top computer.

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AFI 38-401, Air Force IDEA Program
Air Force IDEA Program Data System

Air Force Productivity Enhancing Capital Investment